Scouting helps young men and women build character, citizenship and fitness. Developing youth who are physically strong, mentally awake, morally straight, has been the work of Scouting America since 1910. Our efforts will be even more important in coming years.

Learning from exemplary leaders, engaging programs, and timeless values, Scouts work to improve themselves and their communities. For many, positive attitudes and attributes learned as a youth will continue throughout life. Today’s Scouts will become tomorrow’s leaders in the trades and professions, business, education, government, and all walks of life. 


The Leaders of Tomorrow Endowment Campaign is supporting essential youth programs today and tomorrow by offering new programs and dedicated funds to expand our reach within the community with a permanently restricted endowment. In another words, we are following the motto of Scouting America – “Be Prepared”.

To help the Scouts be prepared, every gift made will be set aside for our endowment – for the future of our youth. Donors, just like you, helped the Council “Be Prepared” by leveraging the program which has cumulatively resulted in over $30,000 in new endowment gifts. For the Texas Southwest Council, the momentum of endowment growth significantly impacts our Scouting programs. With our investment and spending policies, endowment gifts currently provide over $32,000 in annual funding for essential programs.

One of the Council’s top priorities is to raise additional dollars for endowment. Every dollar adds up including your Leaders of Tomorrow permanently restricted endowment gift from $1,000 to $25,000. Please consider an appropriate gift for all current and future Scouts. Your leadership and impact will continue for decades to come.