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The first known Scout troop in what is now the Texas Southwest Council was organized in 1911 in San Angelo and eventually had 106 boys.  It was chartered with the American Boy Scouts out of New York City.  The following summer they had a week of camp in Col. J. R. Nasworthy's pasture on the Concho River.  Another troop was organized in Sonora in 1914, in Brady and San Angelo in 1916 and one in Del Rio in 1921.

Six Scout troops existed in San Angelo by May 14, 1922 and the San Angelo Kiwanis Club agreed to sponsor the Boy Scouts of America by organizing a council.  By the end of the month the Kiwanis Club made application for a charter for the "Tom Green County Scout Council."   This was a "second-class council" as it did not have a paid executive. 

The new council had summer camp at Leedale that August for two weeks with an attendance of sixty-four boys.  That fall a Boy Scout Band was organized with twenty-two members and later grew to fifty members by the following spring.  Camp was held again the following summer, this time in September, in Christoval with eighty-one Scouts.  A Scout hut was built in the Civic League Park in the Fall of 1923. 

In January of 1926 a concerted effort was made by the San Angelo Kiwanis Club to organize a first class council, complete with a paid executive, to serve the surrounding area.  Houston Harte, publisher of the San Angelo Standard-Times and President of the Kiwanis Club, appointed a committee of citizens to co-operate with the local Scout council headed by Clarence Starke and Scoutmaster Edward F. Johnson.  Enough money had been raised by February within the Kiwanis Club itself to hire Brice W. Draper as Scout Executive of the Concho Valley Council.

During the same year, John C. Campbell, organization executive with the Boy Scouts, organized the Southwest Texas Council.  The organizational meeting was held in the Strand Theater, Uvalde at 2 o'clock on June 22, 1926.   Rev. M. M Fulmer became the first Scout Executive of the council.  Less than a year later, H. B. Palmer became Scout Executive after Fulmer had to resign because of a heart leakage. 

The council experienced financial troubles during the depression and the Southwest Texas Council failed to recharter in 1933.  The troops were chartered with the Region Nine office in 1934 and 1935.  In 1936 they were merged with the Concho Valley Council.

On February 11, 2012, the Concho Valley Council Executive Board voted to change the council name to Texas Southwest Council as a part of their strategic plan and to encompass the entire council as a whole.

Council Presidents

1967, 68 Raymond P. Pipkin 1995, 96 Jim H. Hughes
1969, 71 Bill Ramsey 1997, 98 Bruce W. Willig
1972, 73 Bill McManus, Jr. 1999, 2000 John C. Landers
1974, 75 John P. Smith 2001 Mike Brown
1976, 77 Kenneth R. Epley 2002 Gary D. Cox
1978, 80 C. J. Holtkampt 2003 Joe R. Hoelle
1981, 83 Billy Willig 2004, 05 J. Randall Ross
1984, 85 Baugh Lewis 2006, 07 Patrick Shannon
1986, 87 Joe Lee McManus 2008, 09 Barry Hendler
1988 Stanley Mayfield 2009, 2010 Don Griffis
1989, 90 David Hirschfeld 2011-2013 Joe Will Ross
1991, 92 Dick Funk 2014 Dr. David Cummings
1993, 94 Don W. Griffis 2015

Michael Jenike



Council Scout Executives

1926-34 Brice W. Draper   1963-72 Vincent C. Hobbs  
1934-37 Robert L. Billington   1972-73  Dick Austin 
1937-40 C. H. Janeway   1973-87 Jack F. Moore   
1940-44 Donald C. Baldwin   1987-5/31/2004 A. Carl Cummins
1944-49  Jack B. Hodges, Jr.   7/2004-8/2008 Patrick Wedding
1949-54 Carl Manning   11/2008-12/2009 Dennis Luellen
1954-62 Milton R. Wyatt   3/2010-6/2015 Rick Reeve
      11/2015 Devin Koehler