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Cub Scouting was launched experimentally in the United States on August 1, 1929, when the first demonstration units were organized for younger boys, ages 9 through 11. Many younger boys had been trying to attend Boy Scout troop meetings for several years so the Boy Scouts of America thought it was time to produce a program that would fit this age group. In 1933, it was felt that the time had come to promote Cub Scouting as part of the Boy Scout program throughout the country so the experimental restrictions were removed.

Earliest Known Cub Pack

The earliest known Cub Scout Pack in this area was organized in the Southwest Texas Council in late 1930. A notice appeared in the Daily Guide of Eagle Pass, Texas on December 1, 1930, announcing that a meeting of all members of the new Cub Scout "troop." Mr. R. A. Braithwaite was Scoutmaster of the troop. He asked that all boys between the ages of 9 and 11 who were not already members of the group to come to the meeting.

The following week, another announcement appeared in the paper asking that the two Cub Scout patrols to be present at another meeting at the Courthouse. Later, the Boy Scouts of Troop 7 invited the Cub Scout Troop and their parents to join them in a campfire meeting to be held at the Army Post on December 19, 1930. Mr. R. A. Braithwaite was the leader for both groups.

First Concho Valley Cubs

The first Cub group in the Concho Valley Council was chartered in 1934, when a rural Cub Den was organized at Station B of the Humble Pipe Line Company between Sonora, Texas and Junction, Texas in the spring. Mr. Carl Bardner was Cubmaster of the rural den Number 21 that was sponsored by the Station "B" School. The first Cub Scouts were Bunday Stanton, Davidson Irk, Jr. and Day Gilbert.

Another Cub Pack was organized in Iraan, Texas in November of 1934, with twenty-three boys. Cub Pack 1 was sponsored by the Iraan Lions Club, Dr. J. Marvin Rape, president. The Cubmaster was M. E. Norman and Chairman of the Committee was J. H. Jarvis. The Pack later took the same number as the Troop and is known today as Pack 49. 

The Mother's Club of Santa Rita School sponsored the first Pack in San Angelo, Texas, Pack 26. E.P. Armstrong was Cubmaster. They chartered with 23 Cub Scouts, and had their first meeting in September of 1935. By the end of 1935, this nucleus of Cubbing had expanded to three Packs and 70 boys.