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Fort McKavett Historical Trail

The treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848, at the close of the Mexican War, provided that the United States receive an immense accession of territory.  The U. S. Army was given the additional duty of guarding this long frontier against the depredation of the bandits from Mexico and the Indians who frequently attached the settlers who being to crowd into the rich lands of the southwest.

Fort McKavett was first established on March 14, 1852, by the 8th Regiment, U.S. Amy on the banks of the San Saba River, two miles from its source.  It was named in honor of Captain Henry McKavett, an officer of the 8th Infantry who was killed during the U.S-Mexican War in 1846. The fort was evacuated on June 30, 1883 and turned back over to the local citizens.  In 1968 Fort McKavett became a part of the Texas Parks and Wildlife system as a State Historical Park.

We hope those who follow in the footsteps of  the soldiers of the 1800’s will come to better understand how Fort McKavett and the other forts of West Texas were a vital part of the rich history of  Texas!   Imagine yourself being stationed here  during that period of time.

As you tour the museum and hike the trail, we encourage you to learn as much as possible about the life of the soldiers who were stationed here far from their homes in a very remote part of Texas.

Those Eligible To Hike The Trail

Any registered youth with the Boy Scouts of America or Girl Scouts USA, adult Scouters and other adults may hike this trail. Those groups hiking by units must have at least two adults (one of whom must be over 21 years of age) present with the group at all times and on a ratio of not less than one leader per ten youth.  Individual families may also hike this trail.   You will need to allow at least two and a half hours to hike the trail and see the exhibits.


Overnight camping is available at Camp Sol Mayer, located three miles east of Ft. McKavett, and at the Dixie Allison Girl Scout Camp located five miles east of Ft. McKavett.   Advance reservations for any of the camping sites must be made in advance.  Special permission must be granted to a group in order to stay at the fort overnight.   At Ft. McKavett you will be staying in a building on cots.

  • Camp Sol Mayer:  Texas Southwest Council, BSA, San Angelo, 325 655-7107
  • Camp Dixie Allison:  Girl Scouts of Central Texas -
  • Fort McKavett State Historic Site:  325 396-2358


Requirements For Fort McKavett Historical Trail Award
  • Hike the historical trail consisting of about two miles on the course described in the trail booklet and fill in the blanks as you hike the trail.
  • Do a service project either at Fort McKavett or one of the camps.  Approval of the any project must be obtained in advance of any work done.

Make application to the Council Service Center using the form at the back of the trail booklet obtained from the Texas Southwest  Council at PO Box 1584, San Angelo, TX 76802-1854