Effective March 1, 2011, the current version of Tour Permits will change to the Tour Plan. Listed below are the changes:

  1. Council reviews all Tour Plans including trips longer than 500 miles
  2. All Units (Packs, Crews, Troops) must have a first aid kit and emergency road kit when they travel.
  3. The Unit will have in their possession the Annual Health and Medical Record for every participant

     a. Part A and B required for short term camp (less than 72 hours)

     b. Part A, B, and C required for long term camp (longer than 72 hours)
  4. All Units must have a current copy of the Guide to Safe Scouting in their possession during trips. A copy of this Guide is available online for Units to copy.

    All Unit leaders should be familiar with Sweet 16 of BSA Safety:

    and the safety measures in the Guide to Safe Scouting.

  5. Statement on the new Tour Plan:


    "The BSAís general liability policy provides coverage for bodily injury or property damage that is made and arises out of an official Scouting activity as defined by the Guide to Safe Scouting. Volunteers, units, chartered organizations, and local councils that engage in unauthorized activities are jeopardizing their insurance coverage."

  7. Each Unit must include the name of a person and that personís phone number that will not be on the tour. This person will be the Unitís point of contact.
  8. Units travelling to a Concho Valley Council or District sponsored event will not need to file a Tour Plan. (for example: summer camp, family camp, district day camp) However, it is the Unitís responsibility to make sure all drivers are insured and currently hold a valid driverís license.
  9. Units travelling to Non Concho Valley Council sponsored events or planning an individual Unit campout will need to follow the following time line for permits to be approved:

    a. For trips less than 500 miles, please allow one week for processing.

    b. For trips more than 500 miles, please allow three weeks for processing.

Reminder: Packs may only camp at Council approved campsites.Call the Council office for the list of approved camping areas.

Lastly, the following link provides a TOUR PLAN that you can save to your desktop: